I have been ignorant of my life for 20 years, will I keep being so in the 21st year and going on?The world
have been tolerating me--unaggressive and useless--for 20 years, will it keep doing so in the 21st year and
going on?
    Now that I have been born, why on earth do I remain so naive? Setting a targert, saying I'll achieve it,
I've finally done nothing. Knowing the disadvantage, I still can't overcome it, or I have to say I've nerver
managed to overcome it. 

    However, the world still tolerates me. That is kind of showing that I'm too immature to know its mean-
ing--Why does it keep tolerating me? I'm definitely not a pessimist, but a not-enough-active person. Ac-
tually, I'm kind of autism. I'm merely enthusiastic about my favorites.

    Now that I've typed these words, I would say I would be more aggresive, but it's hard to achieve in real-
ity thoguh. I'll try, since there's been so many guys helping me. I'll try, now that I've mentioned this so ma-
ny times.



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